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Detroit Pistons' changes dramatically alter Kentavious Caldwell

But the Pistons' new defensive philosophy has a profound effect on perimeter defenders' freedom to take risks, and while point guard Brandon Jennings has adjusted with relative ease, it has been a more gradual learning curve for Caldwell Pope.

The Pistons are not a turnover creating defense. Van Gundy's defenses never have been.

The defensive focuses are Bivirkninger sprinting back in transition, protecting the rim and trusting rotations. Advancements have been better in some areas than others.

But for Caldwell Pope, a defensive oriented player who throughout college and his first year in the NBA was a productive interceptor of "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" passes, taking those chances has proven more "büyüme hormonu eczane fiyatı" laborious and his per capita steals have been slashed by more than half.

"Once you have that habit of just getting in the passing lanes and getting steals, it's hard to hold back, because you see some passes you think you can get, and you want to do it, but you don't want to put Comprar Levitra pressure on the back end of the defense," Caldwell Pope said.

It's all part of the design and the impact is measurable.

The Pistons (3 10), who will take a four game losing streak to Milwaukee on Tuesday, rank 28th in the league in steals and 29th in opponents' turnovers.

Last year's emphasis on taking risks defensively has done a 180 degree spin under Van Gundy. While the Pistons don't create a lot of transition offense via turnovers, they also have cut their points allowed from 104.7 last year to 97.1 this year.

"It's something that's not really part of what we do," Van Gundy said. "We try to be more disciplined. We probably need to force a few Comprar Gh Jintropin more turnovers being active with our hands on passes and stuff. But we certainly don't want our defense spread out."

That has been an enormous challenge in the Pistons' last two losses, Wednesday to Phoenix and Friday at Atlanta, where shooting rich teams spread the floor and exacerbated their pick and roll defensive dilemma.

The Pistons' front line players have seen across the board drops in their year to year steals as they focus more on rim protection and adhering to base assignments and rotation principles.

In the backcourt, point guard Brandon Jennings, who last year also demonstrated an affinity for getting into defensive passing lanes, has not been affected at all by the philsophical change. He averages 1.6 steals per 36 minutes, up from last year's 1.3 and equal to his best years in Milwaukee.

"He's adjusted pretty well to it," Caldwell Pope said. "If he can't do that (get into passing lanes), he can start pressuring the ball and get steals that way and he has done it, he has gotten steals that way, by pressuring the ball. So there are other ways we can get steals. But you've got to try and break that habit and Winstrol W Tabletkach Cykl try to stay in on defense."

The challenge has proven greater for Caldwell Pope, who last year averaged 1.7 steals per 36 minutes. This year, that average is 0.7.

He went eight consecutive games without a steal before getting Winstrol Joint Pain Supplements three in each of the last two games.

Caldwell Pope said having Jennings defend harder on the ball and taking fewer risks should create more opportunities for him to take chances.

"That makes it easier to get into passing lanes because pressuring the ball causes turnovers," Caldwell Pope said. "He (the player guarded by Jennings) might throw a wild pass that you can get."

The Pistons have ironed out enough defensive issues and reached critical mass with enough offensive ones that their focus has shifted strongly toward finding ways to score, particularly late in games.

That includes Caldwell Pope, who is shooting 29.4 percent over the last five games and seen his overall field goal percentage drop to 35.7, down Testosterone Enanthate Cycle Length four percentage points from last year.

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